Indies don't dance. Indies don't clap.

Actually, something exciting happened on Sunday, I went to a concert. No! Yes! Tiger Lou! They were really good, way better than I thought they'd be actually. I only ever had an EP by them and didn't even think about buying an album, not because I didn't like them but because I never came to the conclusion that they actually brought out an album or two by now. I'm very simple sometimes. One fine day Tina asked me if I'd still like them and if I would go to see them live. I couldn't imagine that they'd only tour one 4-track EP, found their first album, bought and liked it. Then, a few days before the gig, I also heard the new album and finally bought my ticket. Tina and I met up an hour before to have a Koffeinhaltiges Heißgetränk (Coffee) and by then I really didn't expect anything at all. We actually managed to get 1 and a half-row footings at the venue (For two reasons: 1. Tina likes queue-jumping, 2. The 'venue' measures 4m² and except us and the no man lightshow only the band fitted in, too). First I noticed the lead singer, Rasmus Kellerman, actually a very good looking man. Then I saw the drummer, also a very good looking man. You see, this is a very important aspect in my yet so small teeny cosmos. By then I also found out that they're really, really good, so it wasn't all about the looks. After the concert we wondered why on earth it was so crowded in front of the merch table until we saw them selling their stuff by themselves, at that point I was in love. I bought myself two vinyl's, got one of them signed and because I had to pee so badly it was really close to the ultimate BSB 1st row fan experience, only really close though.
I then tried to go home. By bus. On Sunday night. I seriously thought, in a big city like Hamburg this would be no problem. Naivety alarm, beep. I, at point A, wanted to get to point D, Home. I thought crossing point B and C would be no big deal but ha!, I was wrong. After waiting 30 min. at point A, the bus came to transfer me to point B, at point B I waited another 30 min. to get to point C. At point C the bus driving to point D, home, was already waiting and I happily changed for the other one. But this bus wasn't driving to point D but E, a dark piece of nowhere somewhere in the southwest of Hamburg. I went to the bus driver and asked him how and why it is like it is and he explained that I am theoretically on the right bus but that he only drives every full hour to point D. I understood and went back to my seat, avoiding beef. After some time we drove back from point E to C and then finally to point D. Home. In total I was on the way for 2 hours and 30 minutes, I'd usually need 40 minutes. I was home at 3:38 am.
At home I peeled myself out of my rain soaked clothes and slipped into something more comfortable, my polar bear pyjama to be exact, made myself some coffee and waited. At 6 am I stopped waiting, decided that taking a shower was way to exaggerated for this occasion, put semi new and fresh clothes on and went to my English written examination. It was easy, I went back to point D, managed to stay up until 7 pm and then, finally, went to bed. Ah.


P.S.: Go, buy stuff by Tiger Lou. If you only have an EP: they also have 2 fantastic albums now. Go and buy them. If you have the albums: Go, buy their EP. And if you have everything, go and see them live.

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