Oh the misery

I am so lazy, I am SO lazy, it is unexplainable how lazy I actually am. I seem like one of those people who have this permanent empty view on their face. Those, you want to shake or hit hard but you won't because you know, if you do, they won't react anyway.
On the other side I'm also quite bored. Now, you don't need to be outstandingly smart to see what my problem is, and it is a very handmade one. I could go and have fun with people I happen to like, or I could indulge my passion and draw some outrageous pictures. Like, everyday is a new day; it could be your last so savour it... blah, blah, blah. I don't want to.
So, why am I actually complaining if I'm so happy? If I don't want to action up my life so why on earth am I so whiny? I probably just donít want to have an empty look in my face and I also don't like people like that. This brings me to the conclusion that I have a problem with myself which is generally applicable to everyone of us (nearly Ė if you feel just perfect) and that makes me happy again. I just have a common feeling. Yay.


16:29 + 13.09.05

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