Today I'm going to listen to Chancellor Schröder, since he's on the hustings now. I actually don't really need to go there, I'm going to elect him anyways but hey, all my friends will be there. Seriously, there is no alternative to him, the opposition is a bunch of bigheaded idiots (wise words of mine) who will – just like they already said, if Germany would listen once – make it all worse. Anyway, elections are in September and I hope he'll make it again.

Afterwards I'm going to the Dom (a parish fair) with some friends. I don't feel like it's necessary to be there today, I don't have any money left and I won't even look at things that run faster than 3 km an hour. I am in such a bad mood that I already feel sorry for everyone near me, though I wasn't exactly imposing me and I eventually mentioned that I’m not Mrs. Brightside today.

It is 10 am and I am already exhausted, I probably wouldn't be if I'd stop being so furious about things that didn't even happen, yet. Or if I would have slept last night. Holidays really turn me into a mess, I need responsibilities, I need my daily duties to keep me functioning, at least a little bit.

Do I seem unthankful?


10:18 + 03.08.05

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