Sarcastically unfolding my circumstances

Holidays. I haven't been powered out by what we've been doing in school but I'm happy they started. I still need a job, not only to give my Mother back what she owed me over the months but also to buy myself lots of things I want to have. I was so used to buy everything I wanted; Clothing, CD's, DVD's, Books, Make-Up and now I can't even afford one of those very popular caffeine-mix-beverages that I certainly like a lot. It bugs the hell out of me. It also evidently shows how much of a spoilt lifestyle I had (from my point of view, since we've never been pretty wealthy just averagely 'blessed' with money) and how much it actually meant to me. I got new furniture for my room, a lot of new deco articles; we've been renewing the complete flat, bought a gazillion tons of clothes and every utensil that runs with electricity. Well my Mother did. Now we - sorry, She is broke and I am one of the reasons... and complaining. I am really looking for any kind of not too disgraceful job, but with my educational background (about none to exaggerate a bit) it isn't quite astounding they aren't exactly competing to employ me. I would get all of the disgraceful jobs though, outbound/acquisition or McDonalds.
I'm still too fat though, means: we still have enough money to survive. Ha, ha.


02:27 + 01.10.05

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