Pick it to pieces, or just don't

I feel blah.

This says a whole lot more about my emotional status than you'd ever think. I feel blah. Not more, not less. At least I do feel something in a certain way. This is an improvement, and improving, as you know, is one of my future goals.
There might be some who think 'blah' is a word describing emotional low tide and therefore isn't a feeling but this is wrong. It's so much more, it's "I don't feel too well" it's "I felt better.", "Whatever.", "I don't like the O.C., no matter how good the music is", "I have nothing to say even though I do have a lot to say.", "No.", "Yes.", Its all of those before. It is as much of an emotion as 'I donít care' is a statement and an opinion.


22:42 + 31.01.06

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